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Walsall Neo-Natal and Theatres

Completed October 2019
Walsall Manor Hospital, for Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust
£5.5 million
Walsall Neo-Natal and Theatres
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The scope of the scheme relates to the expansion and upgrade of the Hospitals Existing Neo-Natal Department Facilities in line with the lasts HBN Standards and it link with the New Maternity Theatre provision, which was built within the existing courtyard adjacent. The new Theatre provision also replacing and upgrading the Hospitals Neo-Natal and Labour Ward Department provision in line with the latest Health Building Note requirements. The scheme also partly upgraded some of the existing Neo-Natal Unit provision in terms of the over night stay provision and its toilet accommodation and the unit was provided with a central staff base to all overall supervision of the general Neo-natal and critical care provision to enable them to more effectively manage the needs of the unit.