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Heath Town Health Care Centre - Wolverhampton

Primary Care Trust
£ 3.5 Million
Heath Town Health Care Centre - Wolverhampton
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Heath Town Health Care Centre is part of the Walsall &Wolverhampton LIFT projects. The site is split by a listed building built in the 1930s which essentially consists of a separately accessible library, a large main pool hall as well as a smaller pool hall. Part of the site is intended to be utilised for housing areas while the existing building is intended to be refurbished.

The key challenge was to implant complex, highly cellular health accommodation into a building with principally unsuitable spaces. We included all required accommodation within the listed building by implementing an internal 3- storey health-‘house’ making best use of the pool hall's height. Thereby we achieved high density, short travel distances and yet were able to retain major parts of the existing structure.