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Admissions & Daycase Departments

Construction phase
The Royal Orthopaedic Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
£3.7 million
Admissions & Daycase Departments
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The proposed development is to refurbish an existing ward in order to relocate and update the existing Admissions & Day case departments. To accommodate the requirements of the department it has been necessary to propose 2No. small extensions, a courtyard infill and a new ramped access. The extensions provide a new treatment room and staff base area which is essential for the day to day running of the department.

The proposed unit has been designed to integrate into the existing departments and improve the overall circulation within the hospital. As part of the proposal an internal courtyard has been in filled to allow for 3No. new wards. By including these wards within this existing courtyard it has allowed us to locate the new Admissions and Day case closer to the operating theatres and improve the patient turnover.

The existing Octagon, positioned to the North-East corner of the site, has been proposed as the administration area accommodating associated offices, pharmacy, waiting areas and reception. Bringing all the administration outside of the main hospital allows the two areas to remain separate while still being able to interact.
This is part of a larger re-configuration of departments, including the refurbishment of the areas adjacent to this proposal which will include a new services infrastructure, general stores, medical records storage area and records office.

The existing private ward entrance has been completely redesigned with a fully glazed entrance.

The Medical Records department was relocated into the development and the main records storage area contained movable storage shelving.